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*Hebrew *Spanish * English *Portuguese *French *Italian *German Whatever your translation requirements may be, TS will work side by side with you and get to the heart of your specific needs for delivering the best possible translation

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TS provides accurate and true translation services

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Personalized attention & Transcreation

We strive to guarantee the highest quality translations adapting your message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context and best delivery deadlines

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Our TS expertise

We offer top-quality translations at affordable prices and comfortable time-tables We have accumulated vast experience and excellent reputation in the translation sector We never compromise on quality while utilizing resources and processes that optimize time and efficiency

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Technical Translations

We specialize in translation of classified homeland security, VIP protection and defense-related documents We provide the highest quality in technical translations of manuals, patents, industrial reports. technical specifications, instruction manuals, user manuals, brochures, etc

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We calculate our translation fees in a straightforward way in line with the industry pricing standard. Our translation fees are based on the the total word count in each document. The cost of any translation is calculated by the number of words in the target language document. Basically a translated page shall contain not more than 250 words or 1500 characters per page (including spaces) in the target language

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